Villa R


Private Villa Renovation


Private Client


March 2020


Ftelia, Mykonos, Cyclades


Xenos Design

Villa R is a holiday residence found in Ftelia, Mykonos island. The new approach reimagines a complete transformation of the existing building, focusing on the design of the outdoor areas of the plot.

The proposed design unfolds in layers. On the upper level, where the main entrance is found, all activity takes place around a central ‘avli’. The dining, sitting and pool area are positioned accordingly, enjoying views of the rocky landscape and the Archipelago.

On the lower level, an infinity pool looking over the Aegean Sea is surrounded by a dining and lounge area. Under the pergolas, the intense Greek sunlight is comfortably filtered, creating a playful notion of shadow and light.

Traditional architecture, local techniques, contemporary components, natural materials – all elements are harmoniously combined in order to create a fine celebration of Cycladic architecture, unblemished landscape and tactile luxury.